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Token Victory was initiated by Champion Version to get more recognition and engagement for artists pushing the boundaries of experimentalism.

We will be featuring photographs of experimental musicians from London and/or performing in London for a gallery installation at IKLECTIK that will run as part of the Sonic Waterloo festival between 2 and 9 July 2017. This event is co-presented by The Wire to help mark it's 400th issue.

Participants: Tomoko Sauvage, Tom Honey (Good Weather For An Airstrike), Tim Evans (Cut Iowa Network), Thomas Stone, Sue Lynch, Steven J Fowler, Sharon Gal, Sarah Hughes, Sam Underwood, Sam Saljooghi (Norvoir), Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek), Robin Rimbaud (Scanner), Rick Jensen, Richard Clark-Varma, Raphael Clarkson (Speckles Brass), Rachel Musson, Phil Minton, Phil Macy, Paul Snowdon (Time Attendant), Paul Shearsmith, Nigel Bryant (The Untied Knot), Nathaniel Catchpole, Michael Bearpark (Darkroom), Kieran Mahon, Kevin Buckland (An Ending Ascend), Ken Ikea, Kate Carr, Jon Atwood (Yellow6), John Scott (Stereocilia), John Russell, John Chantler, John Butcher, Joe Wright, Jeremy Stokes, Jennifer Allum, James Shearman (Echoes…Leytonstone), Iris Ederer, Ian Joyce (ikjoyce), Heather Roche, Guillaume Viltard, Graham Dunning, Elif Yalvaç, Eddie Prévost, David O'Connor, Dan Johnson (Run Logan Run), Colin Webster, Carla Rees, Benjamin Tassie, Atsuko Kamura, Andrew Ostler (Darkroom), Andrew Hayes (Run Logan Run), Andie Brown, Alison Blunt, Alexander Hawkins, Adrian Dollemore (Glockenspiel), Adam Barringer (Minus Pilots)